Friday, August 23, 2013

Wind in Her Hair

The summer weather's been so glorious here in Maine, I can't bear to be inside! I painted this en plein air in my backyard. It was a beautiful day...though a tad breezy so the flower was a moving target! Below I've shared the process. 
Oil on panel, 6 x 6"

I blocked in the basic placement and shape of the flower in red. That's Rocksie. She's all in when it comes to plein air painting..but she hardly leaves room for me to stand at my easel!  

 I laid the background in and began working on the leaves.

Added more detail to the surrounding foliage.

And finished up with a few details.

I love having her nearby while I paint and Rocksie graciously moved a few centimeters, so I could work. :o)


Wendy Barrett said...

Beautiful painting Brenda! I loved seeing the progress shots. Looked like a lovely day in the sunshine for you.

Art Maine said...

Where they Belong

Wind in her hair,
bright sunny face,
art brushes by,

sunflower flare,
dog in her place,
all under sky.

suzanneberry said...

Amazing sunflower and i am so enjoying seeing your painting progress. i have been so happy to follow you on your painting journeys en plein air! just wonderful work my dear friend!

and Rocksie, wow. she is our devlin so much and i love seeing her image as much as i do your work!

Fay Terry said...

Great post, and the painting is wonderful!
I just arrived in Camden and would love to come see you if you have any time. I will be leaving here on Tuesday morning.