Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Stretch

Day 5 of plein air painting on Cape Breton and I'm amazed and so pleased with the ease of this set up. It really takes very little time to get everything in place and begin painting. The pochade box works well. The palette space is smaller than I'm used to, but that might not be a bad thing. It forces me to be a bit more precise with my color mixing. (There is an attachment you can buy that extends the palette and doubles as a holder for a few brushes...but again, I prefer to keep it simple at this point.)

It felt so awesome to be standing in the sand in my bare feet, waves crashing beside me, curious seals bobbing in the breakers watching me, bald eagles, loons, ducks, gannets and seagulls above... painting this glorious scenery! Oh yeah...I'm hooked!

A close up of the point of land I was painting.


Niharika said...

I know what it means to be hooked by the art of the greatest Artist!
I'm in awe of His great works...and simply forget to paint sometimes :D

Love your simplicity here..good work!

Art Maine said...

The Stretch
This art stretches the imagination,
mixing memories of similar scenes
with what is there in oil, the sky so
blue on top, wistful clouds threading below,
evergreens beckoning in greens, a strip
of beach to stroll along between the sea
and gassy dunes, the white of waves breaking
and sharing their scent of the sea, all take
me to where I've been, where I wish to be.

suzanneberry said...

Damn girl!! This is so amazing in it's simplicity! Perfect composition and brushwork as always!

Carol Flatt said...

Wonderful, Brenda! This type of scene brings back great memories of where I grew up - on the "other" coast. What a way to begin MY viewing your art!