Friday, August 2, 2013

The High Road

Day 4 of plein air painting on Cape Breton and I was truly enjoying myself. I'm really pleased with this one. 
The weather cooperated beautifully. I chose to paint this little path down to a lake on the opposite side of the ocean. You can see I tucked my brush holder into the outside pocket of my carpet bag. It worked fine. If you look closely you can see I also occasionally slipped my working brushes into the paper towel tube and my trash bag hangs from the tripod.

Loosely blocking in the composition with burnt umber, I wanted to include the patch of wildflowers in the bottom left corner.

Except for the final touches, the painting is nearly finished. You can see my palette and brush cleaner. I also use the big rubber band to hold my view finder.

Life is sweet...isn't it?
Oil on panel, 6" x 6"


Art Maine said...

The High Road
I'm amazed that you are
able to paint such an
accomplished work of art,
en plein air, delicate
dabs of flowers blooming
alongside the high road
without the aid of a
wine glass holder, oh yes,
so much for the high road.

Am really enjoying the on location photos along with the easel setup details.

suzanneberry said...

This is one of my all time favorites of yours! It is extraordinary and you are right to be well pleased. What an honor to be able to add this to my growing collection of Brenda Ferguson masterpieces!

Eileen said...