Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sky High

I am SO enjoying plein air painting! What could be better ...being outside AND painting?! I did this one in my back yard. Every year my husband plants hundreds (literally) of sunflowers. They've begun to bloom everywhere! And will continue to throughout the fall. My process is below.
Oil on panel SOLD
Here's the block in

And the model/subject

Adding color

And shadows

A musical interlude with my son, Lucas (just home from work), on his new bongos...a little dancing, a little singing, a little banging on the bongos...

Thanks Luke! That's just what I needed to finish up!


Art Maine said...

Vincent Bongo
Van goes,
you go
plein air,
so there.

suzanneberry said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! I am so in love with your rocks! Your use of color is so inspiring! And the sunflower is amazing, thank you for sharing your process on both, and your musical support!