Friday, August 9, 2013

Fog Bank

The last day of painting on Cape Breton Island brought heavy fog and intermittent mist.
I'd shot this similar picture in the morning, but things were so damp, I decided to paint inside
the camper. I chose another snap with a bit of a different angle and more of the field in the foreground. I don't think I've painted fog before and really enjoyed it.

By the late afternoon, the fog and rain cleared and we enjoyed an amazing evening including cooking and eating dinner on the beach.

Here are the eight paintings I created during our stay. 

And a few last snaps of our temporary home at St. Esprit...beautiful name, isn't it?

After a loooong day of walking the beach. A tired dog is a happy dog!

Final sunset...
 ...until next year...
Oil on panel, 6" x 6"


Angeli said...

Hi, Brenda.
I've enjoyed your Cape Breton paintings so much. (I've always said you should paint more landscapes!)
I was just scrolling down through your photos and saw the dog. That is an unbelievably sweet and unique picture! I sure hope you're going to paint it!!

Niharika said...

Hi Brenda..loved seeing all your work..I cannot wait to do some during our upcoming vacation to South India.
By the way, need a tip on how to speed the process of drying oil paints and be able to carry em back!

Brenda Ferguson said...

Niharika, I use Liquin to help speed drying and carry my still wet paintings home in a RayMar wet painting carrier.
Have fun painting in India!