Saturday, February 15, 2014

Brand New

This is Maggie. A friend recently acquired some new calves. She snapped several photos for me and graciously let me paint from them. This one's a little looser than my usual...and I'm pleased with it.
It was a bit of a rough week recovering from 'elixir of life' treatment and an extracted back molar...but I'm feeling better now and anxious to get back to the roosters!
Oil on panel, 6" x 6"


Maywyn Studio said...

Glad you are feeling better

The face of the calf, questioning the world it has discovered so far or where is the nap hay i'm exhausted look? Either, its an interesting look you've painted giving the animal a personality beyond the usual cute farm critter.

Art Maine said...

This Calf Jumps Over the Moon

"How now brown cow,"
thinks the former
speech therapist,
as she brushes
on with her reds,
"Oh wow, red cow."

"Over the moon?"
thinks the red cow
while eyeing the
fine artist. "I'm
not a cow but
a calf by half.

suzanneberry said...

So lovely soft and ethereal! I love the palette! Feel better my dear friend!

Sheila said...