Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Waiting My Turn

We have a beautiful long twisted piece of driftwood attached outside on our deck. We tie bags of suet and seeds up and down it for the birds. So many different varieties come to feed there. This chickadee was waiting his turn...probably for a woodpecker to finish his meal. 
Oil on panel,6" x 6" SOLD


Art Maine said...

From Sea to See
Driftwood floats from the sea to Dixmont.
A chickadee wings it way in search
of a place to land along a road
named North. It waits, posing for the fine
artist to paint and for us all to see
this golden moment, art brushing by.

Lovely painting
with the focused
chickadee and
the flowing wood

Sheila said...

Sweet story, and this sweet little bird is captivating!

Wendy Barrett said...

This little bird is so cute it hurts!
Lovely work Brenda!