Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sunny Daze

This one was done plein air in my back field. We have literally hundreds of sunflowers this year! I've included some photos and a few steps in my painting process below.
Oil on panel, 6" x 6"

After toning my panel with Cad red and blocking in the composition, I laid in a background. I wanted this to fade into the distance so used a large soft brush to soften the edges.

Rocksie loves when I paint plein air. She catches flies, rolls in the grass, barks at an occasional neighbor, snoozes and just generally does happy dog things. 

I put in the less defined sunflowers in the background and then applied paint heavily to the bright yellow foreground flowers.

The painting's done... 

 ...and Rocksie has made her way over to have a look for herself.

Some of the 'crop' up near our house.

and back near the shed

They're everywhere! :o)


Pati Awapara said...

what a wonderful opportunity to paint in plain air. It must be a joy!
Great piece by the way. :D

Nancy Medina said...

I'm loving your bright color Brenda!

Bruce Bingham said...

Love these sunflowers Bren!

Susan Roux said...

Wow! Love all those sunflowers. Too bad you're so far away. I'd come visit! I like how the flowers are dancing in your painting. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Rocksie is adorable!

I wish I could take my boy plein air painting. but he'd just run out in the woods and wouldn't come back! he's a crazy but lovable dog!

Your paintings are wonderful! Such fantastic use of light and shadow! You've got some real winners here!

And not many people enjoy seagulls. But I think they are wonderful parts of our ecosystem and very beautiful!