Monday, March 25, 2013

Carrot Tops

I tried a different process with this painting. I normally use Liquin to loosen my paint a bit, but still sometimes have a hard time getting it to flow as well as I'd like on the dry black gesso. I read somewhere that you can paint a thin layer of Liquin onto the canvas before beginning to remedy this. I decided to try it. It certainly made the paint spread, but I felt it was a bit too slick... buttery almost. I may try it again at some point. I made a rollover, below, so you can see the steps in the process. And there's a detail shot of the slick panel with the coat of wet Liquin and the first strokes of orange paint I applied.And here's some BANGIN' music to paint to. :o)
Oil on panel, 6" x 6"

Detail of slick panel.


Art Maine said...

The Recipe Query

Was your recipe
for carrot art
a piece of cake,
requiring lots of oil
brushed on, and on, and
topped with green oils
and accents for
the frosting of your
vegetarian art,
so that it appears as it
you applied clear paint
to actual carrots?

Eileen said...

The outcome is GREAT!!! they look a photo :)

Bruce Bingham said...

Love this composition and the bangin' tunes. How do you find these oldie goldies? :)

suzanneberry said...

LOVE the rollover bren! wonderful seeing it develop!! beautifully done, a burst of color and thanks for the tip. never thought of using liquin that way.

Teressa Sliger said...

I just recently heard of using liquin this way, but I also heard about using a papertowel to wipe out some of the liquin before painting. I have yet to try this, since I need to purchase the liquin.

Love your work!