Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Beach Boys I

Here's the first of the larger paintings I've been working on for the past few weeks. I'll be hanging 8 new large paintings and two of my older  pastels at a restaurant that just opened in downtown Bangor called 11 Central. I've not eaten there yet, but my daughter has (twice!) and she says it's great. I install the paintings tomorrow, so I'll take photos to post. This was my first time working on canvas rather than the Gessobord panels. Not sure how I feel about it yet... I'll let ya know. 
And here's the music I've been listening to since Christmas. In my opinion, Bruce's BEST since the old days of Born to Run, etc.
Oil on canvas, 12" x 24", $250 + $15 domestic shipping
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Anne Winthrop Cordin said...

I love this one Brenda; the composition and format are very engaging. Congratulations on getting into the new restaurant too!I know what you mean about canvas, I too like the harder surface on panels.