Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Falls in Fall

This is one of my favorite recent paintings. I think because I've not painted much falling water and I'm pleased with how it turned out. Plus I love all the color. I spent a day this fall at Seal Harbor with friends. It was one of those magical fall days that was warm enough to be in shirt sleeves...warm sunshine, peak foliage, lunch on the rocks at the ocean's edge followed by a long walk through a glorious wood's path that led to this waterfall. Like I said...magical. In fact I could have sworn I saw wood nymphs hiding in the trees.
Oil on panel, 6" x 6"
Here are a few steps along the way:


Angeli said...

Brenda, gorgeous painting! I enjoyed seeing the steps along the way.
Happy Painting today!!

Eileen said...


Mari Jose Molina said...

These are beautiful Brenda!!