Monday, October 22, 2012

Come Closer

Here's the last of the goats...until the next one! I'll  miss them, but I've had my fill for a while. On to other things! Here's some great goat painting music
Oil on panel, 6" x 6"


Jo Cucchiaro said...

I've enjoyed your goat series, Brenda. Such character-filled faces and vibrant colors.
I was wondering whether you use any sort of medium in your mixes in any parts of your paintings (such as softer edges). I like to retain my brushstrokes, but worry it may be too thick/stiff for some areas.

Brenda Ferguson said...

Hi Jo. I use Liquin as a medium. I like the way it makes the paint a bit slipperier, it spreads better and dries much faster. For the soft edges, if you're referring to the goats' hair and such, I use a very light touch...almost a whisper. Sometimes I lay a bit of a line of paint on the edge and ever so gently/lightly whisk my brush in the direction of the hair. Hope that helps. Bren

Art Maine said...

The Tactile Goat

Your masterful
wispy texture
as this goat
leans closer
and speaks
with his eyes,
"Please touch,
it's soft;
she has her painter's
light touch,
lucky me, eh?"

Jo Cucchiaro said...

Thanks for the tip Brenda.
PS Not realizing you'd replied to this query, I've asked you a similar question in the latest pic post. So feel free to ignore!