Saturday, June 23, 2012

In Cahoots

Here's the last in this series of pears and I think my favorite of the bunch. I like the way the fabric falls and especially the reflection of both the blue and white stripes on the underside of the pears...and those rotund bottoms...well!! Gotta admit I had to look up how to spell the title.

An aside... I spent last night at the Bangor Waterfront under the stars, hands in the air, singing this...with The Beach Boys. Memorable. (To continue looking at the art while you listen, right click on the colored word 'this' and go to Open Link in New Tab.)

* I'll be without internet access for the next week, so no posting...but I've got lots of paintings lined up to post when I return.
Oil on panel, 6" x 6"


Amy Hillenbrand said...

Hi Brenda, I love your pear series. Wonderful brushstrokes and I the stripes make them fun and playful.

Carole Cochrane said...

Hello there, Brenda. This one and the first painting in the Pear series, is my favourite !! Just love them.