Thursday, September 1, 2011


This is the last in my recent trio of sunflowers...for now anyway. It's my favorite. I don't know the name of this type of sunflower but it's positively deep maroon. I like the side view and the way the petals arch backwards. And here's some kickin' music that had me paint-dancing. Crank it up!  (To continue looking at the art while you listen, right click on the colored word 'music' and go to Open Link in New Tab.)   
Oil on panel, 5" x 5"


Kathy Mallat said...

Love the warm rich colors and the personalities of each sunflower in this series, Bren. Just always.

Eileen said...

My favorite unique, like you! Looks like the mom of the group peering out to keep watch over her babies :) GORGEOUS!!!!!

Roberta said...

I love all three too...but yes, I have to agree...the red/green color combo, and that gorgeous profile...this is stunning!
Sunflowers...ahh, such a happy flower!