Sunday, July 31, 2011


Here's the final painting in this series. I approached it a bit differently than the other two.
This one began with the Cadmium Orange toned panel. 

Rather than putting down an overall background color, I wanted to create the sandy texture completely with spattered paint and allow the already warm tone to show through. I used tracing paper to mask out the stones so their color wouldn't get muddy.

Then I spattered a sandy beach using my fan brush and diluted paint in both warm and cool colors.

Once I removed the masking paper, I had a clean surface for painting the stones.

Added the stripes...

And then the finishing touch of lightly sprinkled metallic powder pigment, this time in bronze. Though it's not obvious here, it reflects beautifully in the light!

Here's a close up.

I really enjoyed this. Each painting is available individually, but they also look great together as a set.
Oil on panel, 6" x 6"

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JAllgood said...

I love the texture and composition of these; especially this one. They look like they would be fun to do them. Thanks for sharing!