Saturday, November 27, 2010

Still Standing

This is a neat little out building just down the road from us. We've lived here for over twenty years. It was here long before we arrived and this shed is still standing. I've painted it several times.


LindaHunt said...

You captured the feeling of the smow in this painting. I can smell it in the air. I like the added warmth of pinks against the greenish grays.

Mary Anne Cary said...

Nice job on the building, great feeling of winter, too!
Just not there yet, I still want flowers! I love the pink you added, perfect!

Virginia Floyd said...

Very nice, Brenda. I love the cold gray sky, and the grays in the building. The warm tones in the building and snow are a nice contrast.

Kathy Cousart said...

I like this little building. You painted it with a sense of history and an aged feel to it. I also like all the pinkish highlights in the snow. Brrrrrr!