Sunday, October 24, 2010

Walk This Way

More 22 karat Australian gold leaf. I began with a Cad Red under painting, covered the entire background with the leaf and painted on, over and around it. I found these old enamel coffee pots at a great 'antique' place not too far from me called The Chicken Barn. It's a huge barn that goes on forever...and is two stories! So far I've only made it to the bottom floor.
Oil and gold leaf on panel, 6" x 6"


Kathy Mallat said...

WOW, Bren!! These enamel pots are magnificent! The color, the shine, the speckles...all just beautifully rendered! Well done!

Karen Werner said...

Your blues are beautiful, and I especially love how you depicted the shine...not easy to do well. You pulled it off nicely!

Virginia Floyd said...

Love those coffe pots! The lights and darks really make them turn. The reflections are great!

Shirley Peters said...

Great painting Brenda. I agree with the others... and I like your composition as well. Close and sculptural.