Saturday, August 28, 2010

Carol Marine Workshop

Recently I had the honor of meeting and taking a 3-day workshop with Austin, Texas artist, Carol Marine. I've been a fan of Carol's work for years and was excited for the opportunity to learn from her. I considered working with my pastels while there, but decided to work in her medium, oils. I'm so glad I did!

 Carol's paintings are much like her personality...vibrant and fun. 

Her work is loose but ultimately, accurate in every way. 

On Day 1, we did value studies. Using only burnt umber and a limited time frame, we were to vary our use of dark, medium and light values. Mine are above. I've never used oil paints and was far from my comfort zone handling a brush, so chose to go with the safety of my favorite painting subject, pears.

On Day 2, we did quick 10 minute sketches of the same object in order to capture its essence and accurate values. I chose these cherries. It's amazing how quickly 10 minutes passes!

After three very full and productive days of painting with an enthusiastic group of fifteen fellow artists, I came away with a taste of the oil paints, a wealth of information and a LOT to think about! I was also lucky enough to come away with my very own Carol Marine original (The above painting from one of Carol's demos).

Thanks Carol, for your generosity of spirit and a mega dose of creative inspiration!


Jo Castillo said...

Looks like you did well! I'm a little envious. Heh, heh.

Brenda Ferguson said...

Thanks, Jo. Being a pastelist, the whole process of color mixing and the way colors lean, etc is a BIG change for me...not to mention that foreign object(a brush!)coming between my hand and the canvas. But I'm having a blast with it!

Stephanie Berry said...

Nice post on the workshop. I am still digesting all Carol taught. You got great photos--thanks!

Elaine Hurst said...

I found your blog through Carol Marine's blog. Your work is lovely! I have worked in pastel for a long time, and just in the last four years or so have I decided to go back to oils, at least most of the time. I love both mediums. I am on my way (in Danbury, CT) as I write this, for a two week artist residency in Acadia National Park. Can't wait to get there! Maine is so beautiful! I will keep up with your work now that I have found you.