Monday, March 22, 2010

Gold Leaf

Upon completing last week's leaf painting I had another vision for the piece. Where the previous painting used metallic powder pigments more subtly sprinkled on certain leaves, I wanted to experiment with gold leaf in a more solid approach. 

After preparing my panel with 2 coats of pastel primer, I lightly blocked in the leave shapes with charcoal to place them within the composition. I then applied a loose warm wash of watercolor to establish the background color and some values.

Once this dried I began the process of applying gold leaf. I first painted the large leaf section across the bottom with gold leaf adhesive size. Once dry to tacky, I carefully applied the delicate 22 karat gold leaf. 

Once this was completely dry, I gently brushed away the excess leaf leaving the fairly solid

I then began working over the rest of the piece with my pastels.

After several layers to bring the leaves to the color and texture I wanted, Gold Leaf is finished.
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