Friday, February 7, 2014


This is Lucky. He has beautiful warm russet and gold feathers up front and downy dove gray ones behind. Here's the story behind the chickens as relayed to me by my bro-in-law, Scott.
"I'm not sure if you've heard the story but the two very cute, 1-day-old chicks we took home from the Fryeburg Fair have grown up. The fellow who gave them to us gave them a close look in all the important places and told us they were hens (chickens who lay eggs.) After several weeks of raising the chicks, first in the dining room and later in the summer kitchen, it's now apparent that they are both roosters (chickens who crow early in the morning, don't lay eggs and would love to chase hens around.)

Through the process of raising these young roosters, we soon learned that they ate about twice as much feed as the hens. Surprise, they also produce about twice as much chicken poop - and of course, no eggs. So yesterday, we carted three 30 gallon garbage cans of very ripe rooster bedding out from the summer kitchen rooster coop to the compost pile behind the barn and replaced it with a nice layer of shavings, hay and leaves. The boys are grooving on their new digs. 

When we thought they were hens, they were named Erza and Lucy. When they were youngster chickens, we handled them every day so as to make them less nervous with human contact. Now that it's obvious they are roosters, they are re-named Ezra and Lucky. But they are still very social and watched the coop cleaning with interested eyes on a temporary perch above the coop. Lucky really grooved on a backrub from me, believe it or not.  The boys are very handsome and Dawn snapped photos all day long. At last count, she said she had taken about 200 images.
As much as we like them, the roosters will need to go in the next couple of months, so we are looking for a good home for Ezra and Lucky. We know we can send them to some of our friends, but we fear they will end up as dinner sooner rather than later. We are hoping to find a barnyard home since we think these guys have good potential for a free range flock. If you know of any pals who might be interested, please let us know."
The good news is we think we've found a perfect home nearby.
Oil on panel, 6" x 6"


Art Maine said...

So Lucy got Lucky
since Lucky is Randy,
and you painted Lucky
all decked out in color
that warm up a canvas
pulling our lucky eyes
in this fine masterpiece;
got it; And lucky us.

Art Maine said...

By the way,
great composition,
centered eye,
swirling warm color
on background blue,
making us feel like
we could reach out
and touch.

Unknown said...

Lucky is beautiful. What texture, what color. Great job Brenda.

Sheila said...

Beautiful... colors, texture, composition. Glad for the happy ending :)

Studio at the Farm said...

Benda, that is an exquisite rooster painting!!! I really hope you find a good home for the boys.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

what a beautiful painting and I love that you tamed these roosters. I hope and pray they do not end up on the dinner table :(