Monday, November 30, 2015

2016 Art Calendars!

I'm Sadie Ferguson (Brenda's youngest daughter) and I have some very exciting news for you all! My sister (Brenda's eldest Molly), and Bren's dear friend Sue have helped me put together a 2016 calendar made of some of our favorite Brenda Ferguson originals. The cover includes a note that Brenda left for her loved ones to be read at her celebration of life. We have titled this calendar, "A Year of Remembrance" in memoriam to Brenda. We've included the birthdays of those who were closest to Bren in her last few years on Earth, as well as the date that her soul moved on. These calendars will be sold as long as supplies last. Each calendar is 4x8 inches and self-standing. They make a perfect holiday gift for all ages!

 ($10 with domestic shipping)

Note: If you are purchasing the calendar in person and not via PayPal (so do not need the calendar shipped) the price per calendar is $8.00.