Thursday, May 9, 2013

What Kindle?

No offense to eBook readers...I'm just not there yet. These are actually not books I've read. I purchased them long long ago before I was even a painter...just because I loved their weathered look, their worn edges, their smell, their feel...their soul. I'm very pleased with how this painting turned out....but I gotta tell ya, it wasn't easy gettin' there! So much reflected color and light, angles, etc. Books are near and dear to my heart. I read every night before bed...unless the Celtics are playing on the west coast  and have a late game! Here's some of the musical inspiration. 
Oil on panel, 6" x 6"
For those inquiring minds who want to are the book titles, top to bottom: 
Lucile, Premier Livre, Dame Care, The Prince of the House of David, The Transplanting of Tessie, No Place to Hide, Arthur Bonnicastle, The Face in the Aspic. 


suzanneberry said...

Beautifully done my friend ! Love the moodiness of it and the title is perfect!

Art Maine said...

Inside the Painter's Brush - About the Books
(top to bottom)

A sunset on top . . .
1 Lucile, 1852
"'May it be so!' he sighed. '"There the sun drops, behold!'
And indeed, whilst he spoke all the purple and gold
in the west had turned ashen, save one fading strip
of light that yet gleamed from the dark nether lip
of a long reef of cloud; and over sullen ravines
and ridges the raw damps were hanging white screens
of melancholy mist."

A sleepy time stop . . .
Dame Care, 1887
"Thy little bird upon the sill
chirps gently towards thy bed his trill,
and closes wearily his wings—
sleep on!"

A promise of writing . . .
The Prince of the House of David, 1800s
"I will not fail to write you by every caravan
that leaves here monthly for Cairo; and if
there are more frequent opportunities,
my love for you, dear father, and sympathy
for you in your separation from me,
will prompt me to avail my self of them."

And language most biting . . .
No Place to Hide, 1948
"Sailors can be the most profane
and uncouth men on earth...
It would be impossible to record
the language they use. It is so degenerate,
so monotonously vile, that even
the most blasphemous expressions
become meaningless."

To nature's seasonal sleep . . .
Arthur Bonnicastle, 1888
"The plants that had toiled all summer,
evolving flower and fruit,
were soothed to sleep."

Brushed by
in well worn books
beneath the fine details
in your, well, oiled art.

The Books

Lucile by Edward Robert Bulwer, First Earl of Lytton
Pseudonym, Owen Meredith, 1831-1891
(oh no)ebook:

Premier Livre (Illustré) by M. D. Berlitz
Berlitz Publications, 1964

Dame Care by Hermann Sudermann, 1887,
(Frau Sorge, translated from German, 1981)
(oh no) ebook

The Prince of the House of David
by Joseph Holt Ingraham (1809 - 1860)

The Transplanting of Tessie by Mary T. Waggaman
Benziger Brothers, 1905

No Place to Hide by David Bradley
Little, Brown & Co; Boston; 1948

Arthur Bonnicastle by J.G. Holland (1819 - 1881)
Charles Scribner's Sons, 1888

The Face in the Aspic:
Tales of Club Life among the Overfed

by Thomas Mario
Simon and Schuster, Inc., 1944