Thursday, February 7, 2013

Published Instructional Tutorial

I am delighted to have recently published an ArtByte on the Daily Paintworks web site. As the site says, "An ArtByte is a bite-sized affordable art tutorial." My ArtByte, titled, How to Make a Simple Art Fair Display Booth, walks you through the steps of creating a reasonably priced booth for displaying small paintings such as the 6" x 6" panels I create. 
Included are 1) the materials you'll need, 2) the process (in photos) of how to make the display, set it up and dismantle the booth, 3) how to hang the paintings and 4) useful art fair tips.

Includes 11 pages with 30 images.

The Table of Contents includes:
1. Introduction
2. Materials
3. Building the Display Booth
4. The Walls
5. Method for Hanging the Art
6. Finishing Details
7. Setting Up the Display Booth
8. Dismantling the Booth
9. Art Fair Extras
10. Painting On Site in Your Booth
11. Bio and Links

My and other ArtBytes are online and immediately available to you upon purchasing. To purchase this ArtByte and many others please click here.

1 comment:

Ellie Boyd said...

Brenda, this was excellent. I hope you consider other ArtBytes. Maybe tips on how to have a successful booth?

What is your range of pricing, and how far do you travel to do shows? (I'm in CT.)

Do you use Square? I got it about 2 years ago, and just used it for my first outdoor art fair, locally, and it was amazing. The taco truck guy showed me how to use it! It integrates with PayPal and is extremely efficient at processing sales. I don't have the PayPal one (the little triangle thingy), but I can tell you that this system works, and customers actually buy more when they can charge it.

Loved the ArtByte. Your booth looked great.
Ellie Boyd