Monday, June 4, 2012

Escape of the Spermatazoa

I love all the colors in this one. Hope the title doesn't offend...but it's all I could see. And once it was in my mind, nothing else came! My favorite part is the reflection of the turquoise bowl in the red mug. More polka dots for the Daily Paintworks Challenge from last week...and two more to go in this polka dotted series. Here's the painting music. Enjoy! (To continue looking at the art while you listen, right click on the colored word 'music' and go to Open Link in New Tab.)
Oil on panel, 6" x 6", $100 (with free display easel) + shipping
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Fay Terry said...

Bren, I love the polka dots! It's always so much fun to see what you'll come up with next. These are so bright, colorful, and cheery. Great job, as always!

Art Maine said...

Grape title.