Friday, May 13, 2011

Herb of the Gods

Doesn't garlic have the most beautiful sensuous curves and papery texture? It's gorgeous to paint. I don't really know whether it's a vegetable, herb or spice...but in our house, it's the herb of the gods! This was today's musical inspiration to move and groove to. Love it! (Right click on the colored word 'this' and go to Open Link in New Tab to continue looking at the art while you listen.)
Oil on panel, 6" x6"


Diana Marshall said...

Wonderful use of colour, composition is brill. too.

Eileen said...

Looks like bulbs in their handkerchief sundresses :) Our favorite also!!!mmmmmmmmmm!

Ruth Andre said...

Brenda, Garlic never looked so beautiful. Love the color and the papery layers of paint.

Darlene Twitchell said...

mmmmm garlic! "The herb of the gods" I love it! I'm in perfect agreement, unfortunately, not everyone in my house is so I'm forced to use moderation. :S

I love this painting! So beautiful! You couldn't have picked a better subject!